The Largest Bookstore

At a typical book-stall

Well, at least it’s the largest that I have seen. Spanning over two city blocks, this place is an oracle for book lovers. It has books about every subject under the sun and I have never seen them scratch their heads about a title I’ve asked for.

The place is called College Street and it’s in Calcutta. There are thousands of book-stalls reaching for miles, as far as the eye can see. They have everything anyone can want;  textbooks, coursebooks, reference books to novels, self-helps and cookery books.

This is also a popular hang-out for students since one of the campuses of the Calcutta University and three of it’s famous affliate colleges are in the vicinity. Apart from that, the famous INDIAN COFFEE HOUSE is just around the corner.

You can browse for hours at a stretch in Calcutta’s humidity and still go on for hours further. There are a lot of vendors selling refreshments like tea, fruit juices and local snacks.

The books in most of these little stalls are stacked in neat piles leaving not a single square-inch of free space.

It’s the only place where you can get incredible discounts on books (sometimes reaching up to 70%). It’s also a great place to sell old textbooks and novels. Furthermore, it is also favourably situated as it has a metro-station, bus and taxi terminals located nearby. So, it is an ideal paradise for students and book lovers alike.

College Street is a ‘must-visit’ for anyone planning to visit Calcutta.


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