Writers as Entrepreneurs

With the gaining popularity of ebooks, self-published authors are scaling new heights than ever before in history. With the relative ease with which ebooks can be uploaded, accessed and sold has made it a roaring success.

Furthermore, with the advent of print-on-demand, self-published writers don’t have to worry about crate loads of books lying about and don’t have to invest a lot of money either.

A study shows that there are thousands of small-publishers in New York compared to only a handful of big corporations catering to traditional publishing.

With platforms like Amazon, self published authors are at a level ground with traditionally published or famous authors. The self published authors have a great advantage over the traditionally published author in terms of pricing and royalty.

A self published author can price his/her book at 99cents and still make a profit but a traditionally published author cannot.

Therefore, it’s up to self-published authors to make the most of this opportunity and take their creativity and ideas to a new level with the help of great inventions like kindle, nook, etc.


3 thoughts on “Writers as Entrepreneurs

  1. Thank you for the follow!

    The market is certainly changing with self-publishing reaching new heights in terms of popularity. While I think I’m going to try and go the traditional route at first, it does give new authors more of a chance to get their name and work out there.

    I one hundred percent agree with you about writing becoming entrepreneurship as well. Authors both traditional and self-published are having to do more to differentiate themselves from the slews of books out there these days.

    Good post!


    1. I think a new writer must tread the traditional path till he has exhausted himself. Meanwhile, with opportunities like the one Amazon is providing it always helps to get one’s books out there to be judged and evaluated by prospective readers without losing any time one has to during the traditional evaluation process. I uploaded my book on Amazon while it is being evaluated by a traditional publishing house. In the end, a traditionally published author has to spend less time promoting his work and has more time to write!


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