Ever Tried Authonomy?

Authonomy was created by Harper Collins to spot the newest talent in the world of writing.

It allows self-published and previously unpublished authors to upload their work (a minimum of 10,000 words) onto the website for readers and reviewers to rate and recommend.

Based on the bookshelf placements of the titles by the readers and trend-spotters, a book receives its rankings. A good ranking on the site helps in getting the book reviewed by the Harper Collins editors. The writer may eventually be able to stike up a deal with them.

Apart from HC, the site also allows other publishers and literary agents to spot a book.

Although the books reviews and recommendations are based solely on the merit, an author has to be able to undertake a good amount of self-promotion.

Each book is given a specific URL which can be used for other sites and blogs as well. Apart from that, an author can also read and recommend other books.

This site does not allow downloads or copy-paste from pages of the book an author has uploaded. A reader has to read and rate online.

This site does allow an author to upload an incomplete novel. However, HC does not recommend uploading a book that is already being considered by another publisher. In such a case, HC requires to take the prospective publisher’s permission.

It might be a great way to get into the field of traditional publishing without however leaving your fate to the slush pile. What is required is a steady following and recommendations. As soon as the editors see your book garnering superior ranks, they consider it for detailed evaluation.


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