WRITING: A transient metamorphosis

“A piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.” ~Tobias Wolff

Just realized that writing a story is a journey onto itself. Never knew I could visit so many places and meet strangers, all in my mind!

I certainly cannot write about an emotion I haven’t felt and experienced by myself. If I try something like that the result might simply be insipid or unrealistic. But I can create people and places and put my creations in a world of their own.

Life as a writer isn’t exactly what I had assumed it would be. Since, being a student I can’t devote all my time to writing, I have seen that some  people have a tendency of not taking my creations seriously.

For one who loves to write, it is a form of escapism. Wrapped up in himself, one can travel around the world and meet people all in their heads! One can create fantastic places, scenes and people thereby creating a story part by part. The writer detached from his world metamorphoses into a creator an all-powerful being, able to conjure up anything using a boundless imagination.

The best part is when you are writing, you leave the world around you and enter a realm of your own creation where nothing happens if you don’t want it to happen. It really feels wonderful to be able to create something out of nothing and to do with it whatever one pleases. The ability to create is a great power, greater than any other in existence. You can create life, you can create a world, you can even create trouble and everything has to revolve around your whims! Who wants to leave behind such a place and come back to reality where you are answerable for something like “Why do you have to write when you can do something productive with your life!”

It is true that writing for most people isn’t really very rewarding if you convert the time spent on a piece of writing to it money value. There are many other factors that come into play when deciding the fate of a book or an author. So, it usually takes a bit of time to be able to make a living by writing.

But if one does not consider the money as a reward for one’s artistic endeavours, then the reward is the satisfaction the creator feels after being able to spend time with something he really enjoys doing.

Thank you for reading.


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