10 ways of combating WRITER’S BLOCK while blogging

Since every writer has a block at some point of their lives, the best thing to do then, as some would say, is to get away from writing to unwind oneself. But when the pressure on a writer is tremendous and there is no getting away from the written word, especially in the world of blogging, the best thing to do is probably write an article about it.

I am sure you have come across scores of articles offering advice and some would say that one cannot combat a block; it must be allowed to go away on its own.

1) Even though I am not exactly suffering from writer’s block at the moment and I shall be posting some articles on personal finance today, I think the best thing to do during sudden sprouts of creativity is to write a few articles that may come handy during the rainy day (and is used with some necessary adjustments). I am sure anyone can come up with a couple of comprehensible paragraphs even during a block.

2) You can pick out a few topics that intrigue or amuse you and note down a line or two about them in a prominent place. One of the worst things a writer can do is pick out obscure places, like easy-to-be-forgotten notepads, paper napkins, etc, to write  a topic or an idea. These usually never see the light of day. 

3) Some authors simply post dozens of quotes when they cannot find time to research and write an article.

4) If you have an effective blog, you can write a step-by-step guide as to how you set it up. That can be of great help to anyone who is new to blogging.

5) One can write about how it feels to earn their 1st $ by way of something they had written.

6) You can write about your worst critic and how the criticism helped.

7) A sneak-peak into your next project might be great. Some of your readers might wait for it’s being launched with enthusiasm.

8) You can simply post a fictional interview about one of your favourite characters. This I have done.

9) You can simple write about how you create and develop your characters. Your readers might be better able to associate with them if they knew how they originated.

10) You can also create a separate category (misc) where you can post ramblings about politics, pets and the proletariat!


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  1. Nice article. Yes i totally agree that you need to write not only on one topic but many others to keep he brain juices flowing. As a writer the writers block is my perennial enemy


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