To write or not to write

When my book first went live on amazon over a month ago, I was a little apprehensive due to the fact there was another writer with the same name as mine. At first, I thought it would hardly construe a problem since her genre was far-removed from mine. Naturally, the search results also displayed her books alongside mine. So, in order to avoid any confusion, I thought a slight alteration of the spelling of my name might help, but the resulting pronunciations gave me a shudder…and, I decided to drop it altogether and choose a pen name…

Now there are many advantages and disadvantages to that. But the advantages, in my opinion, outweigh the disadvantages. So, I came up with the following name: “A.M. SYLPH”

I know what you must be thinking, but contrary to the common usage of the word ‘sylph’, the Oxford Dictionary defines it as ” an imaginary spirit of the air”.  Sounds very interesting, doesn’t it? It sort of gives an edge to the ability to create….to be able to imagine, to be free from constraints….

Hence the name that I chose. Oh, A and M are the initials of my real name though. Let’s see how it turns out. A pseudonym like that might help me transcend into a lot of genre that I haven’t ventured into before. You can’t do that with a practical name or a name which many can’t pronounce properly.

So, this is going to be my first book under the pseudonym:

Cover of "Disturbed" : a collection of 5 psychological tales.
Cover of “Disturbed” (A collection of 5 dark tales)

Since this book deals with the darker side of human psychology, I thought a b&w theme for the cover would surmise and summarize the content.

The book is just about ready and will be available on Amazon within a few days.  Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “To write or not to write

    1. Thank you..:) If you say its for the best in the long run in spite the difficulties, it’s worth a try. But I am a little apprehensive since I already have a novel written under my real name. Anyway, best of luck to you too..


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