My First Novel Got Me A Job.

Its been a long time since I’ve updated this site. I’ll have to apologize to my readers who might have visited of late and were disappointed at not finding anything new. But I have a lot of new stuff to share now since a lot has transpired in the last couple of months.

For one thing, someone who owns a news blog spotted my début novel on Amazon, got in touch with me and asked me to write for his site. Now, I am a regular contributor of science based articles, owing to my science background, at the site.  Acclimatizing to this new  work-literary-academic structure took up a lot of my time since I now have to balance my MS with a part-time job and have to focus on my writing as well.

Furthermore, I took a brief holiday with my family recently and visited a quaint sea-side town to unwind and get certain perspectives straight. I have always wanted to own a business so I played around with an idea I’ve had for some weeks now. It’s nothing grand, just a thought of  a small start-up that involves a good friend and my kid sister. Even though the module is still in its incipient stage, my sister and I did a lot of planning and stuff while we were on our vacation as the sea-breeze further enabled us to clear our heads. The thing is really simple and somewhat innovative and would enable us to maximize our earnings for the next few years while she finishes school and goes to college and I finish my Masters and plan for a PhD as well.

A thing I realized of late was the fact that this blog was kind of “un-directed” as I simply posted my perspectives on matter which interested me at a particular point of time. So, I decided to give this blog a direction by documenting the development of my future novels and documenting some interesting stuff about people and different kinds of indigenous rustic and urban lifestyles.

I hope you like the new assimilation. I hope you’ll enjoy the  development of my subsequent novels. I’ll start with The Journey of Love, the sequel to my first novel, “Earthbound“.


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