A jungle in the terrace

I visited my grandmother’s 150 year old house some time ago. My 8-yr old Labrador, Dino, nudged me to take him upstairs to the terrace where he had spent a considerable amount of his time, playing, as a puppy.

on the bamboo in the terrace

Now, being kind of lethargic, he took an enormous interest in observing things rather than sinking his teeth into them (which he did earlier). So he slowly transported himself into an alert mode and started exploring the flora that had sprung up suddenly on the terrace after a brief batch of rainfall.

On the floor of the terrace: appears to be variations of the same species or different species of the same genera

The various orders of the Kingdom Fungi and Plantae had chosen the floor of the terrace and the stack of bamboo as their anchor and substrate. The bamboo was from a temporary tent that had been constructed on the terrace some time ago to host a family get-together. (Yea, bamboo serves as the frame work due to its strength and resilience. Living in a tropical country, it’s found easily.) So, I took a few photographs of what Dino and I found: a sort of treasure trove in a sunny afternoon during the onset of the monsoon.

They disappeared a few weeks later leaving behind no trace of their ever having existed.