My New Team

This is a rough sketch of “our team”. For more, please visit the “About us”, you might get a clearer perspective.

I wanted to do something big with this blog. I was told that being a writer, it was imperative for me to have one. I struggled with a few niches, scraped out some time from my university schedule, a part-time job and a million other hangups. Then I had a crazy idea a few days ago.Since, blogging is all about having fun, learning a lot and sharing and is basically a platform where you can almost document your life and travel through other people’s as well, I decided to pitch in a few young people into this documentation of our mad rush through our lives; people whose interests differ greatly from mine yet we get along beautifully.

 They accepted enthusiastically. They are my two best friends, Mikky and Pallavi and my younger sister, Rhea. They agreed to become a part of my four-member core group and invest their time and energy into creating amazing content for all our visitors to enjoy. It was basically a manifestation of Mikky’s quote, “Don’t let the casual visitor find pennies here, let him find a treasure.” Well, that’s what I intent to do and I now have a wonderful group of people supporting me! After all, it’s all about spending time together, sharing with the world out there and learning new stuff.


PALLAVI is a medical student in her fourth year. She’s one of my greatest critics and a seriously great supporter (thank god for that) of my work. She’s going to share medical articles and scientific know-how every Sunday. And, she’s also going to answer all your medical queries (for free) in our “Ask The Doctor” section (Will put this up shortly).

She’s a tennis player, is trilingual and takes a huge interest in debate and public speaking. She has a pet Labrador, Lara and a pug named Cherry.

We are honoured to have her in our team.

RHEA is in her 10th grade. She’s a great artist. She’s working on a book at the moment. She probably wants to become an animator or a writer(though I am not sure since it changes monthly and being her older sister, I am practically the last one to be updated).

She plays chess, is trilingual and also has a 8-yr old Labrador named Dino, and she spoils him rotten and makes him believe he is still a pup.

Rhea is handling our creative arts section. She’ll be sharing great stuff like the drawing above. So you should probably stick around and press the “follow” button or you’ll be missing out on some incredible stuff. I seriously mean it.

MIKKY is doing his masters in Economics. He hasn’t yet decided whether he should pursue a PhD or a MBA. He practically swept off all the quiz, debate and elocution prizes while at college. He’s great at negotiation and persuasion. I don’t know how that’s going to help here, but maybe, just maybe, he can persuade you to stick around for more. He’s multilingual and has been trained in the classical Carnatic music since his 3rd year to his 14th.

He’ll contribute great stuff on the Economic. Polity, and Business front and hopefully other on stuff as well. Yeah, he’s kind of controversial  That’s why it’s going to be fun to read what he has to share.

Mikky is a PSEUDONYM. His real name is a bit too complex to type.

 ANANYA (that’s me)

I was born in 1990 and am an author, illustrator and a student.

My first novel Earthbound recently went live on Amazon. Prior to that, I have had a few short stories published in a national daily, The Statesman. I am now a freelance article writer for a news blog,; you can find my articles listed under the ‘Knowledge’ section.

As a student, I just got my Bachelor’s degree in Plant Science from the University of Calcutta. Yes, I am a student of  Biology and Chemistry. I  am currently enrolled in the University’s Master’s degree program.

Since, I am on the threshold of both my literary and scientific careers, I thought it would be best to encompass both in my weblog.

You can take a look at my Amazon Author page here.

I hope I have convinced you enough to subscribe to our blog. We will be posting great content regularly.

Here’s more, we are planning to have regular contests and giveaways and will also give you a chance to display your creativity here on our site. We might select you and your work (book, art, music, whatever) and advertise it for you here...FREE OF CHARGE. C’MON, that is what all this is for. We reach you, you reach us, we share and grow!

P. S. The above drawing is Rhea’s idea of fun. Though it bears certain physical resemblances with us, we really are a very serious group of people (occasionally). You can visit our ‘about us’ page.


3 thoughts on “My New Team

  1. ananya mukherjee am so so proud of hve made one hell of a blog..and its goddamn good! keep going..never let your spirits go down…coz i can see a great beginning here!! love you as always:-)


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