‘Evara’ : The continuation of “Earthbound”


The subtle overhangs left in “EARTHBOUND” did not in any way hamper the main story line itself. It delivered what it promised; the solving of the mystery that was vital according to the protagonist. The structure was developed in a way that I would be able document the lives of the lead characters more clearly in later versions. There’s a lot of mystery that can be incorporated with the story to add to the reader interest. But most importantly, I believe I can give me a lot more scope to plunge deeper into the personalities and behavioral traits of the characters I had created during my late teens and hence can drive further into their lives. Let them breathe and grow as I grow. (We grow all our lives, don’t we?)

Found this on the wall of a mud hut
Found this on the wall of a mud hut

(Earthbound had started with a well planned cast of characters but the main focus was on the solving of a mystery and was the first step towards the discovery of a young girl’s own self.

It was autobiographical to some extent. That was because you can’t write something deep and compelling if you do not put your own self as words on that sheet of paper.)

Evara’s entry into (the planned second installment of) the book is like a cold wind that sears through the skin; like a gush of strong wind that suddenly knocks open the windows of a bare room and hits you straight in the face. That is how she enters Harsha’s life. Pessimistic and cruel, Harsha was disinterested in life after having repeated fall outs with his family due to ideology differences. He did not like constraints, and his family and the girl who he thought he loved were pulling him down. So he believed. But then he finds Evara; the very epitome of unrestricted freedom. Her way of life, her thoughts and ideas, her wildness and insensitivity, her harsh beauty and is irresistibly drawn towards the idea of her being. She illuminates his life, teaches him there are several layers in a woman. At first , Harsha refuses to acknowledge that fact that she’s a woman. and tells her that she is only a woman physically.

On the other hand, the overtly ambitious Evara has certain plans of her own. She picks up this dejected, forlorn, insipid yet extremely intelligent guy who is so deeply mesmerized by her and use him to serve her own ends. She begins a love-affair with him in order to gain a truthful insight into the male brain and hopes to use it to write her most ambitious book.

Turmeric fields at the farm
Turmeric fields at the farm

But trouble starts to brew when Evara begins to discover that there is a lot more to this young guy than what meets the eye. He is deeply passionate. He has an amazing take on things. But there is a negative, cruel streak in him that emerges slowly. Whatever was lying dormant within him erupts with a sudden burst. Evara finds herself being drawn into the most compelling character she had ever come across in her life. She consciously takes notes, records their every conversation , reads them in her solitude and starts building, what according to her is “the greatest love story ever told”. Subconsciously, she feels herself being inseparable from a man who is in no way ‘right’ for her. Harsha is not the sort of guy you could take home to your father. He is a sort of guy with whom you mustn’t  be seen publicly . He is erratic and he’s a social misfit. He is a loner and he likes to brood. He finds Evara as his only vent for his troubled emotions and misplaced idealism and smothers her with so much love that Evara begins to feel suffocated. She tries leaving him. But he doesn’t let her. His emotional vulnerability is worse than that of a child who seeks a mother to feel secure. With a biting conscience, Evara realises that her plan has begun to backfire.

(Note: The next post on Earthbound, “Who is Evara?”)

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©Ananya Mukherjee, 2012, ©Ananya Mukherjee, 2012 (exclusively for THE IDEA BUCKET)


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