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I thought I would deviate from our mainstream posts and announce a few e-book launches. Have a great Sunday, folks!



Publication Date: March 21, 2013
The story encompasses both poetry and prose to convey the sentiments of the protagonist. It begins with the protagonist in deep introspection after having read an article in the newspaper.
Years ago, on the eve of his prospective stardom, tragedy strikes as his father dies suddenly and skeletons begin to spill out of the family closet. Soon the world turns cruel for the young entrepreneur as friends and contacts turn away. In the hiatus, the blueprints of his wonderful future are lost.
The newspaper article mentions an invention and the protagonist painfully realizes that it is based upon an idea, which was stolen from him years ago. Enraged, he plots a well-constructed revenge, which includes a murder. With an unshakable belief in his own cleverness, he creates a puzzle that is meant to baffle the investigators.
When the investigation draws towards its end, a police detective who was on him since the beginning decides to give him a chance to realize that his ‘flawless puzzle’ is not so perfect. As the truth stares him in the face, the old man adds a final stroke as he designs to extricate and redeem himself in a dignified manner assumed fit for a gentleman.

The Starling’s Secret and other stories

The Starling's Secret and Other Stories

Publication Date: March 21, 2013
A Collection of short stories and a novella
Includes: ‘Mr. Do-good’, ‘Paranoia’, and ‘The Spectre’Mr. Do-good:A wealthy and self-proclaimed philanthropist, Mr. Do-good, is called upon by his host during a dinner party who mentions a newspaper advertisement that promises a wonderful reward for a hundred genuine good deeds.
His ambitious wife coaxes the reluctant Mr. Do-good into accepting the challenge. Over the next few days,Mr. Do-good manages to pull a string of ‘good deeds’ and is personally telephoned by the ‘Judge’ who seems to be waiting for him with a fabulous surprise. It is only when Mr. Do-good arrives at the Judge’s doorstep, he realizes that he is in for a shock! He also understands that it takes more than a hundred good deeds to get a ticket to heaven.
Paranoia:The story opens with a telephone conversation between a distressed old lady and her well-established, opprobrious brother. Her brother waves away her troubles as mere trifles until the day he stumbles upon a curious affair that makes him sit up and take notice.
He soon realizes that he has been right about his sister in assuming her to be lonely and a prey to anxiety….
The Spectre:It is a supernatural tale narrated by a young woman who implies that, “Humans have become too practical, too rational. They would not believe such stories any more.”
The narrator is an orphan, taken from school to her grandma’s old estate where she meets a superstitious cousin and laughs at him for being impractical. To emphasizes on human practicality, she does everything she has been warned against.
During one of her explorations, she comes across a marvelous phenomenon and tells her cousin about it. She waits every day hoping to experience and understand the phenomenon. It seems to welcome her.
Days unfold and so do strange events, until one day she begins to realize that her life is inseparable from the strange happenings around her…For more, you can visit the book’s Amazon Page.



Publication Date: June 7, 2012
Updated: March 21, 2013 (to contain a glossary of foreign terms used and an “Author Note” on The Ambitious Project/ Evara (Part 2 of Earthbound)
Deep in the mystifying hills and ancient tribal cultures, a modern mystery unfolds. A young city girl finds herself irresistibly drawn towards the place and to the enigmatic charms of a stranger and finds that her fate is almost inseparable from them both.
A beautiful and promising young woman dies suddenly. She leaves behind a heartbroken husband. Years later, her notebook is discovered by a young student. Haunted by the fact that the stranger’s writing is familiar and the pseudonym used by both is the same, the girl feels a ‘strange pull’ to investigate further and embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
As the mystery unfolds, it becomes clear that there was a secret side to the long-dead woman. Time and again, the girl’s path is crossed by mysterious strangers and everyone seems to be hiding something. It is up to the young student from the city to work her way through the maze as she tries to figure out who the dead woman really was and what had actually happened to her.
In a backdrop of love, deceit, betrayal and hope, emerges the first book of a planned (adventure-romance-mystery) series.



Publication Date: March 21, 2013
The story encompasses the bizarre imagination and the strange illness of an ambitious young woman.
Anything, even the slightest illness, which interferes with the fulfillment of her dreams, is perceived as a threat and she reacts violently to it, so much so, that she develops a complex and starts hallucinating.
Excess devotion and investment in her dreams leads her on a self-destructive path..
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