Here’s the (Blog) carnival

So, I’ve decided that I have had enough of living like a troglodyte (read: a student with limited means) and plan to make a tour of Europe in a couple of years or so. In the meantime, I plan on visiting a few more places in my own country. By far, I have been to a few metropolises , a couple of UTs, lots of natural forests, Himalayan kingdoms, few beaches and fishing villages and of course, swamps. I plan to expand my worldly experience by travelling a bit more this year (while I am still a student) and next year when I am getting a stint at the industry before starting out. (It’s a bit too early to talk about all my plans now, but you can stick around for them anyway.)


So to celebrate the beginning of the festive season in this part of the world (and many other parts no doubt) and also the fact that its less than eight months till I receive my master’s degree, I have decided on hosting a tiny carnival for all our readers to enjoy.

Here’s a list of articles you are going to read in the next few weeks.

The youth series:

  • Tips (around 20) you should probably consider.
  • October lessons: On co-creation and leadership, etc.
  • YOUTH: The Casual Analysis (based on my experience in Sikkim, a small Himalayan State)
  • How to lose a customer in 5 easy steps.
  • SPLURGE (in 2 parts)
  • Youth, Decisions and fallacies
  • Raising responsible kids (part 2 of Youth, Decisions and fallacies) and a few more articles in this series…

You may also like:

r or K?

Farming Series: Clean Gene (part 2)

Valuation of a an Asset and the Travel Cost Method

Starting Successful Businesses

Self Reliance through Growing your own food

Urban Farming and Healthy Living


  • A query into interest rates.
  • Tropics and Productivity.

And of course, Mikky’sRight to Lie’ (on Company CSRs) and other articles. And Pallavi’s medical articles like “Recurrent Miscarriages“, etc.

And here’s a few of my personal favourites:

Maximizing Savings through Linear Programming

Maximizing Savings through Linear Programming (Part 2)

Analyzing Choices while Buying

Cost Benefit Analysis and Decision Making

Being Broke in College

What Being a Writer Taught me

And furthermore, it’s not a list I popped out because I am suffering from writer’s block or something (actually quite far from it, I have finished working on most of them and since, ideas come to me by the dozen when my exams are approaching and I start behaving like a maniac till I have spent all my study time working on them. And you, dear readers, get to be the target of my hyperactivity. I guess my mother and BF sometimes thank god for the internet.

Hope you stick around for more. Happy exploration!

 ©The Idea Bucket, 2013.


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