A New Year and a preponderance of numbers, days and months, and ideas!

Let’s celebrate being alive.
The following video gives a 7 minute description of time and as we see it. It makes us wonder if we are really so puny is the grand scheme of things and that everything will ultimately result in a huge dark void. But as we celebrate the passing of time and welcome another period of trying to organize our lives in tune to the numbers we denote time with; to seconds, hours, days and months and hope to prosper in our own way, each person to himself, be it simple living or something more extravagant.
There is no doubt that people DO NOT need to be reminded of the value of time, since it is the greatest resource we have; but what is required is that we teach ourselves to celebrate life and not just go from day to day, trying to organize ourselves and our work around numbers denoting time and date.

(video via www.savespendsplurge.com)



Here’s a article with lots of videos about simple living posted by the Mother Nature Network.


Enjoy! Have a prosperous 2014.


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