10 Amazing/ Resourceful articles from around the web #1

Weekly compilation of a few good reads on various subjects from around the internet. Week #1

1. This High School Student has designed a flashlight that is powered by body heat

This Flashlight Is Powered by the Touch of Your Hand

2. Don’t Want to Die? Just Upload Your Brain

3. 4 things highly persuasive speakers do

4. This Cornell Student Went From Sleeping In Starbucks To Investing In More Than A Dozen New Companies This Year

5. 3D printed skull replacement implanted for the first time ever

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4 thoughts on “10 Amazing/ Resourceful articles from around the web #1

  1. “Uploading your brain” is impossible, I think… Roger Penrose gave very convincing arguments, using Gödel’s famous incompleteness theorem, that conciousness and the human thought process cannot be a result of “uncomputable” processes. (An algoritm/process is “computable” if a general Turing-machine can simulate it.)

    It’s really worth reading one his books on this topic:


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