I Have Hope For The Future.

Few more analogies that can be drawn from Thermodynamics that are relevant to everyday life and situations. Thank you Don for this wonderful article..


One of the reasons is Ananya Mukherjee who is pursuing a masters degree in science at The University of Calcutta.  You can visit her blog here.  It is sometimes brilliantly creative.

A recent one 3 Ways Thermodynamics Helps Us In Being Creative or Productive helped me understand more about life and planning.  Her thesis is that we are all connected to everything in our system and there are certain things that happen because of that.  Just like thermodynamic systems.  Some takeaways from her thought.

  • It is impossible to produce without mental stimulation/ interaction with our surrounds
  • We ( an isolated system) sometimes tend to be moving towards a state of equilibrium with our own system which negates any necessity to be innovative or creative or even to do work.
  • trying to attain equilibrium with our surroundings takes up a lot of time, energy and other resources,  ……   instead of trying…

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  1. My husband has often pointed out that my life is ruled by the chaos theory, one of the laws of thermodynamics I believe. After reading your post and the link to the original article I feel more totally in tune with the universe than ever, ready to embrace my state of chaos with renewed passion! 🙂 Jenni at quackadoodle.wordpress.com


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