GameVillage Bingo Caught My Attention

As all of you have seen from my posts I write about anything that catches my attention. It gives me immense please to write about my experiences and I love it the most when you guys appreciate it and also relate to my thought process. Trust me nothing is more liberating than finding people liking to read what you write. The feeling is that of super awesomeness.

It was just around October that I had gone to visit a close friend in London and it was there that I discovered bingo. Well I did know about housie and bingo but I was never too keen on any of these games. But October changed it all. I heard my friend one fine afternoon screaming away – the wild excited screams and I rushed to her room and found her looking at her computer screen and screaming away with tears rolling down her cheeks. For a few moments I was petrified as I thought she had received some terrible news, and it was not until I saw the screen did I know what had happened. Well she had just won herself a good few thousand pounds from an online bingo site called GameVillage Bingo.

Well, bingo is a game of fun and it gives one the much desired thrill. The online bingo sites are bright, colourful and vibrant. They are here to make you feel amazing, amazing being an understatement. Well they give away exciting prizes be it in the form of money, tangible gifts and even holiday packages. Apart from the gifts the site appearance mattered a lot and thus there are a whole lot of these crazily themed sites.

If you are into bingo then you must try out GameVillage Bingo. A crazy fun site with their theme being a village. The fascinating part is, the players being called villagers. Even the name of their rooms and the bingo games are all named keeping the village theme in mind. Here you can play your favourite bingo games to your heart’s content that too with a twist. Surprised? Well here all the bingo games are with a twist so you would always be in for crazy surprises.The best part you can enjoy all the madness for as little as a fiver! You can even spin the wheel which is a special feature where you can win bonuses, freebets, and also cash prizes.

Indulge in your favourite 75 ball, 90 ball and even 80 ball bingo and even free bingo games. Alongside all of this you can also dive into an excellent selection of top selection of mini games. This includes, keno, table games, slots and much more.

But if you are sociable you would fall in love with their bingo community. Here you can make new friends chat with the chat hosts who would always be available at your beck and call and have the time of your life. Also if you are a music lover you need not switch on a separate radio as GameVillage Bingo also has their own bingo radio. You can listen to their hot music picks throughout. They also have a great live show every Friday evening happening from 7pm till midnight brought to you by the resident presenter.

So friends with so much to do in Game Village Bingo it’s time for you to join this site and be the cool “villager”.



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