Networking and Reaching out in your own way in 2015

Where I come from, the general way of life is to provide a soft, cushy launchpad to your kids, considering it is norm that you have only 1 or 2 kids and your life’s agenda is their proper upbringing, in accordance with your status in society and your aspirations. As parents, you take the effort of reaching out to people, making connections, interacting in the right circles, spending the required money, investing in your child’s future and so on..finding out ways to finance expensive college degrees, pay for seats if your child does not have the merit, and then brag about it to your friends and celebrate everything your progeny does being it cooking the first meal or ironing a pair of trousers.

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I am probably sounding cynical but this is the way of life I have been accustomed to in my 24 years of life. But here comes the twist, I have never experienced it. My father has always been busy building wealth and property and helping other people’s children, he has been a busy man, too busy to look to his own. Fortunately, this has enabled me to develop skills and fend for myself since the time I was in school. I remember being taken cared of by my grandparents when I was a child, but years passed and they were the ones in need of help more than I was.

I realized soon enough, that without monetary or societal help on your side, there was only one other valuable resource you had; time. So I decided to make the best possible use of it and establish my own contacts, and nest egg in spite of a lot of impediments due to government regulations refusing aid to children from high income families based on merit and other social constraints.

I started living by a few principles

  • Push your limits. Make use of what ever is available to you in the best possible manner without taking any external help.
  • Discover a world of possibilities for yourself. I have discovered a lot of hidden qualities accidentally.
  • Fail and fail again but document all that you have learned and all your real achievements at the end of the year.
  • Start everything from scratch and build for yourself and try to stay at the top of the class.
  • Try your best not to be swayed. Be well educated and well-informed and then make your call.

In spite of the fact that I helped a lot of people in a number of ways; I usually shied away from asking for a bit of help from the very same people, when my mom’s cousin who is a psychologist asked me the reason why, I said I felt uncomfortable reaching out, building contacts and asking for guidance. She told me that is exactly the reason why we live in a society. We help each other. I realized a fundamental flaw in my thought process a few days ago and decided to work on mending it.

Here is a simple flowchart of how your drive and merit coupled with a little bit of reaching out can help you establish yourself and work towards your goals in life:

Age 19, undergraduate student accessing state sponsored education due to merit, publishes 2 consecutive stories in a national daily, people more qualified have failed to do so. Had time on her side as she did not have to break her head about paying for tuition and books; tutored kids for income.

Age 21 and 22, guided by the fact that her work is publishable, she publishes a book and a couple of short stories, earns a small amount as royalty, beings saving up meticulously, gets discovered by an editor of an online newspaper who contacts her and asks her to write science posts as she hails from Science background. One thing leads to another, she discovers she can have her own online venture, starts a blog chronicling her life  as a college student and a writer, gradually forms a team and expands the blog, soon has thousands of readers and subscribers. All the encouragement keeps her going, then the venture starts paying of in terms of money.

Age 22 and 23, focuses on her masters degree in science, pulls up a nearly sunk thesis single handedly, continues to learn as much as she can in her spare time, increases her income manifold and plans on how to invest it. The Director of The Tropical School of Medicine is acquainted with her record, offers her a summer project, eventually receives recommendation letters from professors who support her decision of going abroad and studying an advanced course in a related field. She gets a very well paid job the moment she finishes her Masters and relocates.

After working for sometime, she realizes her priorities have shifted and she has molded into someone based on circumstances. She leaves job to re-focus on goals. She is 24 now and is working towards getting back on track and studying for an advanced science degree with a scholarship. She is also focusing on expanding her online venture as best she can and then she is suddenly offered help from a couple who have sent their child abroad for education and are acquainted with the process. They are willing to become sponsors, stick out their neck for her as they believe in her abilities and her drive. They want to help her set sail with a small monetary sail boat. They did not consider it as a favour, they are returning a favour to her…like I said building contacts, reaching out to people in your own way and helping them can have far reaching effects. Whether or not she accepts the offer is up to her.

Whether you have a lot of support or none of it, the best thing is to be able to learn to communicate, help and reach out and not waste your time following rules and unnecessary banter and develop and learn as much as you can.

Wishing you a happy new year!! And here’s to forging new and meaningful relationships that have a power to influence and change lives!

On another note,

I am writing a few E-books on various subjects based on reader preferences to specific articles on the blog. Here is  a brief over view :

Book 1> CREATING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS while being a full-time student or office-goer

This will be a guide to how to manage to be your productive best, managing time and resources that you have, and working on what you love to do and earn money from it.

To Contain some posts like>

  • How I negotiated one of the biggest deals of my life
  • Being the master of my fate
  • The secret about Amazon you probably did not know
  • Calculus 101, using simple steps to find it your venture is worth it
  • Starting successful Businesses
  • Starting a business from scratch
  • 3 secret on being productive

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Book 2> 15 ECONOMIC AND SCIENTIFIC CONCEPTS AND THEORIES and they can change your life

Articles to include>

  • Personalised medicine to be the wave of the future
  • An ingenious way to feed the world in 2050
  • How these common plants can affect your baby
  • Self reliance and growing your own food
  • Economic Development and Environmental Degradation
  • Decisions based on Comparative Advantage
  • The Budget Line
  • Valuation of an asset and the Travel-cost method
  • Game theory, determining strategic behaviour
  • Cost benefit Analysis and decision making ..and much more


  • How not to pay for anything (well almost anything)..
  • Benefits vs Features; what makes you truly happy
  • How I negotiated one of the biggest deals of my life
  • What I learned from living in a small town for three months
  • What thermodynamics can teach you about productivity and creativity
  • 3 tips for becoming instantly productive
  • How my rent pays for itself
  • Easy ways to calculate credit card debt
  • Are you r or K? (using population kinetics)
  • Change your thinking, change your life
  • How I almost bought a house at 23
  • How to be an inspiration …. and much more..

Please leave suggestions/comments below.

©2013-2015, The Idea Bucket. Written By Ananya.


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