3 Hacks for Instant Productivity

These 3 tried and tested ways can put an end to a period of inactivity or procrastination or even a lack of ability to plan and work towards your goals.

Power of a 30 minute nap: Been a hard day at work? Then just crash in for a 30 minute nap instead of gluing yourself in front of the TV for 30 minutes or more. The nap can help you gain a good deal of energy to keep you going for several hours and you will find time for anything else you wanted to do, be it developing your new business plan or a side hustle, and also leaves plenty of time to watch TV later.

Organise: Toss anything you don’t need; bills, papers, receipts you don’t look at, and organise your workplace or your whole life in general. This includes arranging work related documents, financial documents, or anything else that’s important to you and also keep everything else (the pantry etc,) well stocked up, your wardrobe organised, This way you waste less time by not having to go out to get stuff on a regular basis. You can use sticky notes/ phone tabs to remind yourself of deadlines/ due dates for bills anything that might take up a lot of your time. Organisation helps save you the stress and time you would otherwise waste if you have to scour though a pile of documents and stuff to look for a particular piece of paper.

Reduce your expense of active brain power on things that should be involuntary: Ever noticed that even after moving a piece of furniture, like a couch for instance, you involuntarily gravitate to it’s original position to settle yourself in? So why not make a few simple changes around you that will not rob you of your reading / thinking time while you get prepared for the day? Why not turn a few more actions into involuntary functions?

You can start with keeping your outfit decided and ready for the next work day, you can keep a wardrobe catalog so you don’t have to waste time figuring out what to put on and accessorise it with. You can keep car keys, house keys, coat, and sunglasses anything that you need to take out every single day at a fixed place so that you will know where to find these articles and just grab them involuntarily.

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