Dear Old Friend! How are WE today?

A letter to my old friend, The Pimple!

Written by Rhea

                                           Though I cannot foresee when, we are sure to meet again. 

We are simply best friends, aren’t we? You always appear and give me company on my most important days. Be it on a date with a cute guy or a class presentation where I have to stand in front of everyone. Yes, you are always there to offer me your undying love and support.

hiding face

You magically appear when I am tensed about going somewhere special or meeting someone important. But on a dull and uneventful day, when I have nothing to do instead of just sitting around, you simply abandon me! The nerve! Who is your informer? You just know about my important days and never fail to appear big and red as if holding out your heart for me, saying, “I’m always here, don’t worry!” Ah, well they do say ‘A friend in need, is a friend indeed.’

in the spot-light

You should not treat me like a kid any more like you used to when I played under the hot sun or in the dirt. You should let me handle my big moments as a grown up, self-conscious individual. Nooo, you just don’t get the hint! You know my other friends don’t like you being around me. I have to ignore you and cover you up with foundation creams, primers and blushes!

biting napkin

If I am eating some of your favourite fries or sweets, secretly, without you knowing, you just POP out of no-where, right on my face! Staring back at me accusingly, the next morning. An early morning gift from you clearly saying, “I know what you ate last night, bwahahaha!!” Out of embarrassment when I hide you through many BB creams, you appear with your nasty friends and pick on me, saying, “Am I not your best friend? Are you ashamed of me?” Yeah well, get the hint, dearest! It’s about time you leave!

I know what you ate

And when you have over-stayed your welcome, dear friend, I forget to pine over your loss, because I am busy reminding myself it’s just a temporary parting and, though I cannot foresee when, we are sure to meet again. Perhaps, just too soon! And can you please stop bringing over some of your friends? They are big and scary and just because we like the same sweet, gooey, mushy stuff; I just don’t have to like them! And the going-away present! Oh, can you please stop doing that? I am reminded of you day in and out, that almost indelible mark of your absence! Please be on a long vacation this time.

©The Idea Bucket, 2013-2015. Written by Rhea exclusively for the Garnier Contest organised by Indiblogger.



Image sources:

(hiding face)

(I know what you ate)

(biting napkin)

(in the spot-light)






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