The Next Big Idea and an Optimistic 2015!

An optimistic and exciting 2015!

This post was originally meant to be written by Idea Bucket’s co-founder and contributor, Mikky (AS Prashanth) who would have, no doubt, suggested a modest title, but I just couldn’t control my excitement about the fact that he, along with his friends, Kendall, Nathaniel and Mark are working on a start-up as a part of the 3 Day start-up project organised in various universities all over the U.S. and also in some parts of the world. The ‘3 Day Start-up’ which is a non-profit organisation  with a mission to “kick-start new student-run companies and build entrepreneurial capabilities in students and their university communities” has helped student entrepreneurs set up various companies, some of which have become full-fledged companies with a great turn-over over the past few years.

After a grueling 3 day schedule over the past weekend, he finally got time to call me to tell me about the start-up experience. The following is a brief schedule of the program and no doubt, you will find it

Day 1:

  • Ideation
  • Intro pitch and Q&A
  • Idea voting
  • Team formation
  • Mentor sessions
  • Idea Refinement
  • Lean Canvas Presentation

Day 2:

  • Customer discovery
  • Mentor sessions
  • Customer validation refinement
  • Intermediate pitch

Day 3:

  • Pitch presentation and flow workshop
  • Pitch refinement
  • Mentor sessions
  • Pitch practice
  • Final pitch/demos
  • Networking
The teams at the 3 day start-up
The teams at the 3 day start-up

Even after his idea (from the initial presentation) was up-voted by the deciding panel, the team reviewed it a couple of times more, under the guidance and mentor-ship of their esteemed professor, they landed their first customers on changing a single word in their original business model flowchart from ‘idea’ to ‘recruitment’. You’ve guessed it right! It’s something regarding HR (supposedly, there has been no innovation in this field for the past 50 years!) and I am not under the liberty to disclose it yet. But it’s super exciting as one of us (from The Idea Bucket) is already out there living his dreams, irrespective of whether it works out in the end and it becomes a full-fledged company.

Their next big step comes in June when they present the pilot project to prospective investors and seasoned venture capitalists!

On another note, I recently came across that aims to revolutionise the real estate sector in the country. I am going to keep a look out as I was pretty interested in buying my first investment property last year and had geared up for it. But, it didn’t happen in the end. I wasn’t very disappointed when I weighed the cons vs the pros. I am looking forward to purchasing a flat next year because certain other developments in the form of our latest budget seem promising. One of those is the scraping away of the wealth tax and the establishment of a prospective gold monetisation scheme.  Also the fact that they are encouraging more start-ups in the country and minimizing/ regularizing paperwork and all the hanky panky attached to it.  I couldn’t help being extremely optimistic that day after a long time.

What makes you optimistic this year? Share with us in the comments 🙂 Happy Weekend!

©2013-2015, The Idea Bucket. Written by Ananya.


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