The Green Flag: My father’s reaction to the news I delivered!

The day started like any other. I had my software development classes to attend in a couple of hours and busied myself working on some codes and concepts while sipping a cup of green tea, my favourite beverage.

My parents were discussing something in the drawing room and these early morning discussions were generally not on some pleasant topics and usually turned into a sour battle  of the wits. I was mentally preparing myself to allay the situation should it come to it. It turned out that my father was urging my mother that we move back to our large town house and lock up the apartment that we were currently residing in and visit it only during weekends. My mother was against it. She liked contained residential units where she did not have to worry about security and a lot of other things and also had to deal with a lesser degree of daily maintenance. Next he asked me about my decision. He figured that if I agreed, mother would too.


I told him I didn’t want to go. I had my home office optimally set-up and functioning and I did not want to disturb the arrangement. But he remained insistent and wouldn’t take no for an answer. He argued why the tremendous house with its large, airy, well-lit rooms were a better alternative any day to an apartment.

“You would have four times the personal space you are occupying now!” he told me.

I tried explaining to him why I didn’t need four  times the space to do the same type of work that I was currently doing. (I am a writer as well as a student).

But he did have a point about a lot of things. So did we.

In an attempt to side track him, I decided to take a bold step.

“I am planning to get married” I said, wondering what his reaction would be if I told him about it so bluntly.

“Wow , that’s great news” said he, elated.

For a minute I was lost for expression and words.

He too was probably going through the same confused emotions. Then he asked, “To ?”

“My closest friend. He is studying in U.S.A  and the only common language between us is English.”

He looked at my mother and asked, “Did you have any idea about this?”

My mother told him that she did and so did my two aunts; her sister, and my dad’s sister.

“Why am I the last one to know these things?”

“Because you are unpredictable. You  just behave in the most extreme ways.”

I was once again chucked out of the conversation and stood there in a nebulous wonderment.

“What just happened?” I thought, flabbergasted.

So he went and asked me for his CV. Mom reminded him that he wasn’t interviewing a prospective employee.

Thereafter he interviewed me for around half an hour as to where and how I met him and about everything I knew about his family .

I went on answering his questions satisfactorily. He seemed impressed. And turned to mother again. “So where is the wedding going to be?”

So, that’s about it. Within a few hours a guy who didn’t exist for my father became his future son –in –law. My father really surprised us that day with his soft, rational interior and not his usual assertive and prohibitive tone like he was running a company even on the domestic front.

He told me that he would establish an e-mail correspondence with his future in-laws and invite them over, just like was initially suggested by them.

It was the single most thrilling day of my life.

I had never seen my father expressing himself so openly like he did that day.  My little sister on the other hand, messaged my boyfriend and told him everything that had transpired in the course of the last two hours and my boyfriend  went into a happy “I can’t believe it!”dance over it!

Now, comes the next step, of bringing together two families from two different states and cultures , having nothing similar between them except their nationality. It’s going to be a rollercoaster from here on but it’s going to be a tremendous one, to say the least.

I had a long talk with my boyfriend but this time it was completely different than the other talks we usually had. And it was also about buying our first home together.

If your story is like ours, or you are buying a house with the one you love or for the one you love, do check out if you are in India. I really love their amazing interface and can’t wait to try it out.

©2013-2015,The Idea Bucket. Written by Ananya.




  1. well that’s some very big news! perhaps you could have the wedding in the very big house 😉 congratulations to everyone!

    1. Thank you so much! The old house needs a huge renovation; if it’s managed before the event, it would be a nice! It’s also where my parents got married 🙂

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