Scrumptious and easy breakfasts you would not want to miss!

Being overtly conscious about health and the food that goes into my body, I came across something that piqued the interest of the little cook that resides in me: Guptaji’s wonderful twist to Kellogs cornflakes and coming up with these wonderful recipes. With over a 100 delightful ones that you can choose from for any occasion, I chose my favourites for breakfast ideas and I wouldn’t mind inviting myself over to Guptaji’s place for a bowl-full of delights with his wonderful family.

If you are like me and Mondays make you want to crawl back to bed but you know you have to get up so improvise! Make Mondays fundays by starting your day with these delicious bowls of breakfast with a little twist!

1). Strawberry and banana cornflakes:

This breakfast is both light and healthy. It looks and tastes scrumptious as well. You can’t wait to dive into it. Its freshness will boost your energy even on a mundane Monday morning and you can’t help but feel happy and active! With sweet, refreshing strawberries and soft banana slices added to crunchy and delicious cornflakes, make your breakfast tangy and sweet! Its easily digestible and is suitable for all age groups. Kids and elders alike will love this new twist in their cornflakes.

Picture source:
Picture source:

2). Apple cinnamon cornflakes:

Not a fan of strawberries or banana? Don’t let it stop you from making your weekdays a refreshing one. Apple and cinnamon will add warmth to your belly with its unique combination and a happy tummy will send a smile to your face. It is very filling. It entices your taste buds asking for more and you must oblige!

Picture source:
Picture source:

3). Hazelnuts, almonds and honey cornflakes:

Start your day with healthy almonds and hazelnuts as they are a must need for everybody. Full of vitamins and minerals, have it everyday for a solid start to your day. Nuts sharpen your brain. Mix it with honey and cornflakes it will add a nice twist and flavour to your everyday breakfast while its abundant nutrients nourish your body leaving a healthy, happy, radiant you!

4). Oats with berries:

Oats in the morning may seem a dull choice to kids and elders alike no matter how healthy it is. Make them change their minds by adding juicy, sweet berries like strawberries, raspberries or fruits like grapes and pomegranates. They add so much flavour to the oats and not to mention the extra nutrition! Colourful berries are full of antioxidants that remove the free oxygen radicals from your body and make you energetic and keep several diseases at bay. A perfect balance between carbohydrates, fibres, nutrients and antioxidants, you will be thanking yourself for eating this breakfast. And colourful meals in the morning always are always a bright and attractive sight!

5). Oats with southern satisfaction:

If you like your oats to have the flavours of India, particularly of the South, try these special oats which contain the spicy mix from the south which will take you to Southern India while spices which are also healthy will tingle your taste buds and help in digestion! Such a spunky breakfast sure will boost your metabolism and you’ll be energized all the way to work or school.

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