Earthquake and Being Prepared for Calamities

There is another earthquake alert at 3 pm IST. We have already have had two of them with intensities of 7.4 and 6. There is a storm approaching at 70kmph so we have been warned not to go outside unless absolutely required. All our papers and important stuff is in the car. We are preparing to get out of the building anyway. The building has sustained no damages as its earthquake resistant RCC structure.

The earthquake is epicentered in Kathmandu, Nepal and has spread to a lot of places in India.

I might be able to write a proper post in the evening if everything goes fine. My grandparents are saying they haven’t had such an earthquake in the past 30 years. And this is the first major one I am personally facing and its teaching me a lot! A lot about priorities and preparedness.


Signing out!