A Story of Love for My Three Mothers

This story is for my mother, who taught me to speak my first words, and taught me how to write, held my hand as I scribbled my A’s , corrected my course when ever my scribbles looked more like worms and cockroaches crawling across the page; she taught me the very framework of my thoughts and beliefs, the importance of being truthful, to be empathetic and to respect people who were worthy. Her words made me believe there was a beautiful day at the end of a dark night and I could achieve what I wanted.

My earliest memory of her is the earliest one I have. It’s surprising that people don’t have any memories from early childhood. I had just started kindergarten and I recall that I hated school. But I had a big consolation; my mother worked at the same school. So, everyday, when my play time was over, I would go into her classroom and move around with a ruler in my hand, minding everyone else’s business but my own. Turns out, that the whole of grade 1 awaited my arrival after lunch break. Though I can’t recall their faces, I can recall the way I moved, under my mother’s loving gaze knowing nothing would harm me when she was around. And I also recall spending many happy months with her even while she worked. Starting the day together and coming back home together. I did not have a sibling then so she was all mine. All her attention and love belonged to me. I started growing up a very happy child who was occasionally locked up in the toy room at her school because she wanted to be present at her mother’s classroom more than she wanted to be present at her own.

This story is for my aunt, who is also my fairy god-mother. She always seemed to magically know what I needed and helped me understand a lot about how the world worked, in our own small way. She always extended her unwavering support and I am proud to be a daughter to her!

This story is for my grandmother who sheltered all of us with her love and security. To this day, I have need felt so secure and at peace anywhere than where she dwells.

A very happy mother’s day to all the great moms out there!

On a side note: Google’s doodle was just so adorable. Had to share it!


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who lived in a big house at the edge of a forest. She was not a brave girl and she did not have many friends. One night, she was woken up by her mother only to find the great house burning. Her mother was carrying the baby wrapped u like a pupa in her arms. She also had a giant bag with her. Her mother asked her to hurry up and help her carry the bag outside. The frightened little girl took her beloved bunny, a lamp and helped her mother as she carried the bag and the baby.

They ran in to the forest and stood watching as the house burned down. The little girl hung on to the edge of her mother’s cloak, a blanket that she had wrapped around herself and the baby.


The three of them went in to the forest. The little girl could hear strange noises and clung to her mother. Her mother asked her to be brave and not be afraid. Her mother told her, “There is nothing to be afraid of. We will make it out of here.” The little girl wished her father to be there to help them but he was far away.

They found a small clearing and made a small hut out of branches, leaves and climbers. Days passed as the mother went out foraging for food, leaving her children in the hut. She came back and told them stories about the world, the good, the bad, the things she saw, and the lessons she had learned. The little girl listened in rapt attention and awe of her mother.


One day, the mother fell ill, it was up to the little girl to find food for them all. She opened the door and looked outside, at the great scary world. While she stepped out, she heard her mother’s voice, “Remember, you are the best!”

The little girl smiled brightly and went out. Her mother’s words were deeply imprinted in her mind. The girl was determined to use all the knowledge her mother had imparted her. The forest seemed a less scary place. She knew she was going to make it. She quickly learned her way through and before nightfall, came back home.

One day, while foraging for food and medicines, she was dazzled by a bright light. The girl quickly gathered everything she had collected in a small bag as the bright light came closer. She sat up straight determined not to show fear in her face. Suddenly, the bright light transformed into a beautiful fairy who smiled a reassuring smile at the girl. The girl smiled back, relieved as her mother had told her that her fairy god-mother would come to her one day. The fairy placed a bag on the floor of the forest and told the girl that she will find everything she needs in that bag and a way to call her if she was in need of something. The fairy went away.


The girl opened her bag and found it full of necessary stuff, books  and goodies. Delighted, she ran to tell her mother about it. She also urged her mother that they should travel through the forest and reach their grandma’s house, as grandma did not know they were in the dark forest now.  The mother agreed and the girl took the lead. They moved from place to place until they came to the other end of the forest,  where at the edge stood a small hamlet. There, in a small house lived her grandmother and grandfather. The girl safely delivered her mother and the baby to her grandmother’s  loving care, and was herself nursed back to proper health. With her newly honed skills and her new found knowledge, and her grandmother’s blessing and love, she decided to go away and take on the world.


 Let’s celebrate this mother’s day with Godrej Expert as we send our love to our mothers!

All pictures are screenshots from Google’s doodle for Mother’s day, May 10, 2015. (Link provided with text on top of page.)

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