The Spontaneous Traveller: When Plans No Longer Matter!


I have been planning to write this post for months now but never quite got around to it. If you have been reading this blog for sometime now, you have probably figured out that I am a meticulous planner in all  most things in my life.

Also, you must have noticed a more general thing that life has an uncanny way of getting in way of all your plans and you feel compelled to chuck something out or hold it off for longer “when the time is right” or “when I can afford to”. Last year was something similar for me; I competed my Master’s in Science and the next thing I did (after a planned weekend trip with the family to someplace nearby) was to get back into the grind of things and quickly settled in for the first job offer (it was a great one and I was extremely happy) , moved to a new place (a small city with not much to offer by way of entertainment, sights and sounds), made a few new friends who shared my tastes and ideas and planned a short trip that never came to fruition because of the work load.

After a few months, it was actually MORE of a culmination of years of living on plans and practical thinking, I decided to chuck it out of the window, handed in my resignation, booked a flight ticket (which meant chucking my final installment of house fund as tickets during the holiday season literally hit the ceiling) and boarded the plane to Hyderabad to meet two of my closest friends.

That was the more tempestuous week of my life and it did rub a few people the wrong way (my parents and my former employer to start with). But all in all, it was one of the most unrestricted and  rewarding week of my life. A week that made me fully understand that we have the power to take things in our on hand and not let ourselves be guided and steered by what’s expected of what’s the norm.

This was in no way a backpacking trip around the world or something equally incredible but for me it was a leap of faith and re-establishing the fact that even though plans and structures are necessary for an organised existence, they should not take a hold over you and decide your course in life.

Did I have a back up plan as to what I will do when I got back from my crazy, unplanned adventure?

I knew that I had worked upon developing skills in college and at university that will see me through my course; the trip was only a way to reassure myself that I need to have a control over my life and steer it myself and not wait for a “time” in the future to make things happen because that future isn’t promised to any one of us, and what’s worse is there is nothing that’s stopping something else more “pressing” to come up that exact time and disrupting all the plans you’ve meticulously worked on and you might have to postpone that vacation or *insert what you like* over and over again.

Spontaneity is like a breath of fresh air in the mundane and planned scheme of things that are unavoidable in day to day existence.

Taking that leap, taught me a lot about myself and introduced a few new perspectives as I did away with some old ones. For one thing, it taught me to be wary of naysayers and the perpetually unadventurous. Furthermore, it gave me a fresh outlook and a secondary pathway; the travelling writer. For over 3 months now, I am making as much as I did from my full time job while working as less as 1/3 rd the time and not having to commute everyday. Though this arrangement is temporary, it sure is kind of uncertain and adventurous.

Are you a spontaneous traveller? tell us in the comments:)