Unforgettable Date Nights

My fiance and I are no strangers to the long distance aspect of relationships. Earlier we were separated by cities and states; now its countries and continents apart. Going by the usual stats, we are probably what’s defined as “statistical outliers”. In a relationship that started 3 years ago when he was 22 and I was 21, in this era of social media, we have been in each other’s real presence for less than 3 weeks!

It might surprise a lot of people but this is completely possible for us is because of the knowledge we have about each other. It’s completely transparent and based on truth and trust. We have our usual fights that nothing like a bunny face emoticon or a pair of puppy dog eyes couldn’t solve. In fact, we plan to marry soon and the preparations are under way as the families are well in to it now.

By not being constantly in each other’s presence, we have been able to develop individually and have known that we have each other to fall back on. That was the sense of security and comfort we had.

To be able to spend more time with each other, we devised a strategy we nicknamed “movie nights” and “song nights” on specific or alternating weekends. We made sure it would not be interrupting anyone’s plans and we could relax as much as possible. We would play the same songs or stream the same movies together in our own rooms, hundreds of kilometres apart.

Since we spoke different languages, and had two languages in common viz, English and Hindi. We had a diverse pool of languages to choose from when it came to music and movies; English , Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Bengali.

For sheer entertainment and as a complete de-stressor, we made a list of “fun” songs, “romantic” songs and everything in between, depending upon the mood. And Anushka Manchanda featured on our “fun” list a lot. Not only are her songs some great hits, her movie songs are really entertaining and was totally worth our time.


Since, I was a complete stranger to South Indian languages like Tamil and Telugu, it took a lot of coaxing for me to experiment. Once drawn in it was difficult to de-enthrall me. I came across an array of powerful and electrically charged performances by the amazing Allu Arjun! We would play his songs over and over again because of his amazing dance moves. Some of the performances were really  spectacular. I can understand why he is such a big deal and I have to thank my fiance for introducing me to this interesting way of spending quality time together with the best de-stressor of all time; music and dance!


It will be amazing if Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda were to perform together live at concert and the two of us attending it together!

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