6 more reasons to attack Baahubali apart from making Avantika look like a victim

The phenomenal motion picture Baahubali was one of the very few that induced me to watch it three times at the theater. The sheer brilliance and breathtaking direction led us in a haze of other-worldly elegance and made me declare that they can take all money if they continue making such breathtaking movies.

I was acquainted with the director’s work and I have no means of describing the level of brilliance he depicts in his films. So naturally, when this movie released and was widely acclaimed, set new records all over the country and was not just confined to its region of birth, it did send out ripples of alarm in the most established film industry in the country which has through all its gimmicks and pseudo-intellectualism (especially with high and mighty disregard to religious/spiritual beliefs and scantily clad women with no reason to be in the movie taking up most of the screen space) has not been able to surpass.

Is the stunning rise of negative reviews pointing to a particular scene and discounting everything else that is sheer magnificence a mere coincidence? Can we just give the Shiva-Avantika romance a break and move on to sterner stuff?

For those, who have no idea about the particular scene in the movie that has turned into a very lucrative hotbed for mongering negativity by certain journalists, lets just equate it with the sword fight between Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones in  “The Mask of Zorro” but to a much subtler level.


If we have to dwell on ideas like Shiva drawing on Avantika’s hand when she had fallen asleep, we should all actually stop going to movies and rejoice in our pretentious little lives. We should also come up with problems where the C.G.I. of the buffalo was slaughtered to appease the Goddess Kali and say we are teaching our kids how to be cruel to animals.

To Baahubali, I would say RIGHT -ON! And to the journalists who ran out of ideas, here’s some fodder for your next link-bait!

1. C.G.I.? So what? Is this what we are teaching our kids? Be cruel to animals?

2. OMG, does the director know about “GLOBAL WARMING“? Did you see the way he created so much fire and smoke during the war scene?

3. So what if women were depicted as powerful, brilliant strategists, administrators and warriors? How dare he try to get close to her; the woman he likes? He is such a CREEP!

4. The movie should have an “A” rating first because of the Avantika scene and secondly, because Bhadra’s headless body kept walking ! Where are the censorship guys when you need them? OH, WAIT, THOSE LINGERIE ADS AND WILDSTONE ADS are okay because we NEED lingerie and we need men who don’t smell like they’ve spent their lives in a pig-sty.

5. So what the director created an entirely new language for the war-lord’s community? Its so demeaning to indigenous people. OH BY THE WAY, we are all foreigners in our own country and we are such bad people, we took away everything from the indigenous people, sigh!

6. At a time when we are running out of non-renewable energy, how can the director be so inconsiderate and use up so much of fuel to set the enemy on fire!?

P.S.: Lets not insult Avantika by making her appear like a victim. If she were, she would have slashed his throat when the opportunity presented itself. 😉