Write your journal online without owning a blog!

For some of us who like to get our thoughts and little experiences out there, but don’t like the idea of owning and running a blog, turns out, “On My Mind Daily ” a great place to head to!


To start with, I found that the site gives you an old-world feel because of its layout. I was reminded of The Times from the old Sherlock Holmes movies and also of older editions of The New Yorker! I like the way the fountain pen is added for a more pronounced effect!

The site is very easy to work with. You can simply pen down your thoughts in 250-1000 characters and submit it. The post then appears as a newspaper article, complete with a headline and column space. You can write on subjects like politics to international affairs to personal experiences or current affairs like the presidential campaign or your take on the hunting of Cecil the lion! You can even share jokes, messages for some one special or write poems. Then share the link to the published article with friends and other people. If you wanted to make a difference with your thoughts and have been confined only to forums and blog comments, you can definitely go check it out. All you have to do after penning down your thoughts is add a few keywords, confirm your e-mail, prove that you are not a bot and submit! Voila! Your piece appears as a neat, newspaper article. You can also translate and read it in 5 different languages apart from English!

Furthermore, the content is indexed by google so your words will not dissipate in to thin air!

I would have loved it more if the site was a bit more navigable. It would have been great if each article had illustrations resembling sketches or simply a provision of doing so.

If you like this interesting take on online journaling, head over the site this weekend and pen down your thoughts and publish them, completely anonymously!