Your Daily Writing Sweet-Spot!

“A piece of writing is a dangerous thing. It can change your life.” ~Tobias Wolff

People write for a variety of reasons.Writing is an easy way to express one’s thoughts , opinions, perspectives and feelings. Some have stories to tell and some write just because writing makes them happy!

Passion for writing can be for anything from  business, personal finance  to cooking , politics , photography , marketing and many others. But to share your thoughts and ideas , you need a writing space where you can easily connect with people! For this the simplest way is to own a blog. And you can easily pour your thoughts in there and let the world know about it!

Everyone has a spot deep in their souls that creates that need to get the thoughts out for others to see, stories to make readers laugh, cry and feel good about. So if one has the power to create emotions through one’s writing, one must share it.

But everyone does not own a blog and so sharing your thoughts and ideas can be pretty tough. On My Mind Daily is one such place where everyone can easily pour out their thoughts. You can write, write and write! To relive all your emotions and experiences through writing, you don’t need a blog!

So if one has a passion for writing, and wants their heart and soul to come out through writing then On My Mind Daily is the best place and without the hassles of owning, and running your own blog.

The site has a classic feel: the black white world, you writing looks like an article of a newspaper. As one pens down one’s thoughts and submits it, within minutes the journal becomes Google searchable!!

One has to maintain a 1000 character limit and that’s just about it. One can easily write about anything and everything one wants to share with just with an email confirmation confirming that your blog is published and is searchable on Google..

On my mind daily also provides the writer with a link which one can easily share across various platforms . You can get your writing translated in to 5 different languages apart from English.

Write jokes , or about something you saw on television , your travel and daily life experiences , opinions and thoughts on various topics ,business strategies and anything and everything on your mind. The blog is not category specific. And in minutes your writing is published as an article is published in a newspaper with a headline and column space.

This site is the perfect place for those who have a passion for writing and want their confined thoughts to reach people…

Writing is my passion, not my job. I need to write as much I need to breathe , if not more- A.E.Croft

Written by Amrita Singh