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I remember having battled and debated the thought for being self hosted with one of my main blogs for the longest time! It was only after I became self hosted that I realized that I had wasted a lot opportunities by way of traffic and revenue.

how to start a blog on the cheap


Starting off with a free blog to test the waters and then moving on to becoming self hosted is a sound logic, but you can sometimes go out of your way and grab a good deal if it happens to be as irresistible as the one I am going to tell you about.

Bluehost is offering an amazing deal only for the next few hours. If you have been pondering over starting your blog for recreation, a boost to your business or for secondary income, you should grab this offer right-away. They are offering their webhosting for as low as $2.95 for 12 months. They usually charge anywhere between $5-7.99 a month. They are one of the most popular hosting services out there and their is incredible. You don’t often come across prices that low.


They have made it very easy to set up your blog and you do not need any technical skills to do so. So, grab this offer  before it expires.

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I have come across some people who assume that being self-hosted is expensive and you have a lot of overheads. Unless, you are already a pro blogger who is earning thousands of dollars a month, you will not be using anything fancy that costs you a lot. Using my link to Bluehost’s offer, you will get a free domain, you can choose a free theme from their inventory, you will get a one-step wordpress installation, tons of plugins, SEO help and technical support! 

Here is my link to grab their incredible discount. It only for the next 3 hours!

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August is Blog Month here on The Idea Bucket. We will be covering a lot of topics like content creation, getting traffic, and monetizing your blog. I will feature case studies and discuss what worked for me and what did not. I will also add a few insights into future strategies of earning more from blogging.