How To Make It As A Successful App Developer In 2017

App development has become very popular in recent times. There are many people that operate as successful freelance app developers, and there are plenty of app development businesses up and running too.


The question is, how can you make it as a successful app developer? Well, follow these three tips, and you’ll find out:

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Focus On The Mobile Market

In general, developing any type of app is a great idea in today’s world. However, in 2017, there is a clear winner above all else; mobile apps. Mobile applications are becoming hot property, and everyone is interested in them. From the viewpoint of a freelance app developer, you will get loads of companies looking for your help to design their apps. Alternatively, from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur with their own app development business, you have so many opportunities to create apps that millions of users will download. The simple fact is that more and more people are using mobile devices, and these figures are going to keep growing this year. That’s where all the money is for app developers, so you’re better off creating mobile apps rather than focusing on web or desktop apps.

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Embrace Your Errors

You’ll never make it as a successful app developer if you’re afraid of making mistakes. If the sight of any bug or error upsets you and puts you off, then you’re not going to get far. Errors are a natural part of app development. You can’t create apps without coming across bugs. The key is finding these errors, embracing them, and using them to improve your app. There are things like the Stackify error tracking service that you can use to spot any errors in your apps. The best developers do this all the time to improve their software. Think about it this way, the more errors you find, the fewer errors there will be when you finally release your app, which keeps your customers/users happy.

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Cater To Different Mobile Markets

Remember our first point about focusing on the mobile app industry? Well, it’s important to note that there are many different mobile app markets out there that you could focus on. For example, there are app developers that only develop apps for Android devices. On the other hand, there are developers that create apps across all different markets. This second option is the best one for you to pursue. Why? Because it just opens up your chances of making lots of money. Loads of people use Apple devices, and there are so many Android devices out there as well. It makes sense to develop apps for both markets, so you don’t miss out on the scores of users on other devices.


2017 is certainly a great year to get started in the app development industry. There are loads of opportunities out there, it’s up to you to go and grab them. Of course, you will never be successful unless you build great apps. So, hone your skills and come up with lots of different app ideas that people will find useful.