3 Hidden Himalayan Gems you should consider visiting this summer!

Vying for a vacation in summer whilst you work away the summer months? If a homestay in the hills amidst rolling tea gardens or orchards is your idea of a perfect summer getaway; here’s a look at some hidden gems in the hills up north you can check out right now!

  1. Narkanda

A small town near Shimla, whose economy was brought to life by apple cultivation, Narkanda is slowly being pulled into the ranks of more popular Hill stations of Himachal like Shimla. A great spot for some snow and skiing and, of course, shopping for Himachali handmade goodies, Narkanda could be the next buddy trip or solo trip or the one you have been meaning to take forever with the family!

  1. Lansdowne

A serene, unspoilt hill station in Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is surrounded by lush Himalayan forests of pine and blue oak. With most of its area maintained by the Garhwal Rifles, this largely undiscovered piece of paradise is home to colonial architecture. Easily accessible from the Delhi NCR region and perfect for a weekend getaway, Lansdowne can offer some pretty terrific nature walks and adventure activities.

This is also perfect for honeymooners, corporate and family oriented trips besides fun and adventurous buddy trips.

  1. Pithoragarh

A small district nestled in the Himalayas surrounded by Nepal and Tibet, Pitrogarh was an erstwhile seat of power for the Chand dynasty of Kumaon. This exquisite Himalayan beauty is home to a historic fort and a cave temple dedicated to Shiva.

It offers a unique view into the life of the folk from local villages and hamlets, their festivals and way of life. Wood and wool forms the part of the main handicrafts industry here.

The valley is often a transit point to many pilgrimage routes. Trekking and paragliding are some of the outdoor activities that can be explored. This valley also boasts the presence of several glaciers.

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