Announcing the TIB Scholarship for the Enterprising College Student

This month marks 2 years of my online entrepreneurship journey and having hired a wonderful team during the time. I have co-created a few blogs on the business/ enterprise/ travel/ lifestyle and beauty related domain. And thanks to the wonderful team, we have grown beyond what we had envisioned.


Now, all of us, when we started the first blog was at university. The blog not only helped us connect with people from all over the world and grow, it also allowed us to create a community that supported college students by hiring them and helping them grow in the process. Working with us has helped our writers fuel their passions and dreams; like paying for coding classes, getting invited to exclusive events and networking, experimenting by launching their own businesses based on what they learned!

To celebrate this, we are giving away a scholarship to a student (18-25 years of age) who has launched a business while at university.  We want to hear your story about how you are working towards your dreams or goals by launching a creative side business or a side hustle. It does not matter if you have just started or are doing it for years.

If you want to participate and win INR 2000, you must share a 600 word essay on how you have created a side income apart from pursuing higher education and why did you feel that you needed to.

The entries will be accepted until November 30, 2017, and the winner will be announced before Christmas of 2017. We promise to bring you more such opportunities and bigger scholarships in future!

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Here’s a countdown to the end of the sale! It ends in 24 hours!

This post contains affiliate links.

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