Opentalk : Social Voice Calling App Review

The new social voice calling app, Opentalk is trying to recapture the forgotten art of having real conversations with people and it’s a lot more sophisticated than the regular social app. Opentalk has video calling facilities and it helps find the perfect pals for you matching your profile and have a meaningful voice conversation over a topic that interests you. You can talk to strangers here or meet new people from around the world. 


At Opentalk, you will be given the option to choose what you would like to talk about like New Places, Hobbies & Interests, Improve English, Relationships, Career & Work, General Conversation.

Communication and creating a conversation is the best way to learn many new things and also sharing what we know leads with a more tolerant world. You can learn about new places by conversing with people from different cities and countries such as India, Australia, Russia, US, UK, Philippines and much more.

You can talk about different sort of topics which interest you and make friends across the world by building your network across the world by talking to new people.

By using your knowledge and experience you can help somebody from across the world by conversing with them and helping them with some good advice.

Having an interesting voice conversation with different people you can improve your conversation skills and get to know the perfect way to speak with everyone.

You will be given 10 minutes to talk with a user with same interests if you like the conversation and want to continue you can press “Extend Call” to add 10 minutes to your conversation.

The app says that you can find 25,000+ conversation across 20 countries, which helps you to improve yourself every time you converse with a stranger with similar interests as yours.

The feature to reconnect with the user you already spoke to before is the best feature in this app

If there are more options to login and find a user for the conversation within 30 sec then it would be much better.

To reiterate, this brilliant and clever app helps you meet people from all around the globe and talk about things that interest you, get to know about their life, experiences, and culture. It provides a great network of friends and people who share similar traits and hobbies with you.

It also provides an opportunity for you to learn a new language, a new skill or develop a new talent. It provides voice calls, video calls, anonymous messages, regular messages and even quick instant chats. It’s a one stop app for those who are looking to meet and befriend new people from all around the world.


Written by Surya for The Idea Bucket