Blogging Your Way Through Grad School

Graduate School in America is expensive, especially so if you are paying out-of-state-tuition. In between scholarships, a campus job and a great financial support from family, expenses still seemed to be out of control at the beginning of every semester.

I was a full-time blogger for 6 months after college, having left my well paying first job in order to pursue graduate school. I was deeply torn between my plans of keeping my job and/ or blogging full time to pay for a swanky downtown condo or take a leap and go to graduate school in completely new surroundings.

Nevertheless, I enrolled in graduate school, was soon pulled into a tough research that I had a keen interest in and eventually said goodbye to some of my social life and all of my savings. And though none of it was easy, it was doable!

Do I regret it?


Would I have been better off without it?

Its too early to say but I doubt it. It’s true that as a full-time blogger in her twenties, working with the very brands that had been a part of her life and interesting new ones, being invited to exclusive events and flown down to resorts for car launches would have made it appear like a tough decision to make. But I did it anyway. If I hadn’t pursued this route, I would not have been able to push back a lot of boundaries or left my comfort zone and probably would be well on my way towards purchasing my condo or income property. I would not have pursued a research and a prospective career in computational genomics.

I am not positioned to make bigger plans and take much bigger risks. Following this route has set me up for a whole new game!

If like me, you have been torn between a decision that could potentially change your life or if it was something you wanted to do for a long time; there is no better time than now! Thinking of going to graduate school? Plan for it! Thinking of starting your own consulting business? Network! Planning to start a new blog to showcase your life/ skills/ business? Do It!

If starting a blog has been on your mind for some time, and issues like setting it up and usability have been your chief concerns, we have a simple solution for it. Bluehost not only offers world-class web hosting with WordPress, a 30-day money-back guarantee but also advertising options and offers from Google and Facebook and not to mention a 24/7 support.

If this still sounds daunting, you could write to us once you’ve chosen the hosting packaging using our link from Bluehost and we could help set it up!

We could have a brand new start this coming new year!!




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