How I Plan My Workday With Sagoon App

With social media becoming an integral part of our day to day life, we’re always on the hunt for a new app which will help us simplify and keep our lives on track. Thanks to the tech savvy geniuses out there, we’re surrounded by numerous tempting apps. I personally feel like a kid in a candy store! One app which has definitely helped me out recently is the Sagoon app which originated from a Delhi based start-up.

It sure can be a hassle when we have to jump from app to app to engage in conversations, swoon over the latest trends and catch up with everyone. That’s where Sagoon comes in and saves the day. It’s an all-in-one platform where it provides the fun of social media and has rewards which are the perfect mix of our social and shopping life. It’s a revolutionary app which helps the users share information, earn and of course, connect with our friends and loved ones.

sagoon app

It has several individual and creative features but one which I’ve become absolutely hooked to is the “My Day” feature. My life as a blogger sure can be hectic because I have to keep up with my readers, communicate with them and create new content. I’ve been using Sagoon’s ‘My Day‘ to help keep my blogging on track and I’m quite sure without it, I’ll be lost.

You can use the ‘My Day‘ feature to create and share your schedules and your mini to-do’s to let your friends and family know what you are up to. This feature provides a visual graph of your daily life with your friends. You can share events you are interested in going or will be attending and you can plan together with your loved ones. This feature has helped me create reminders for my upcoming blog posts, videos or any fun related event I might be having with my readers. It sure helps me catch up with my emails, editing and scheduling photo sessions. It may be a little problematic for IOS users to get this app because currently, it’s only available for Android.

sagoon app for android

It has increased my work efficiency by working as my mini helper and keeps me up to date on my to-do list. It’s my little genie in a bottle which helps me get through my daily routines while at the same time helps me stay connected with my family, friends and business associates.

You can get the Sagoon App for Android for free by using this link! The only downside is that this version of the app might not be compatible with all Android devices. Tell us about your experience using it!





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