A Night out in Charlotte: Guide to Charlotte Nightlife

As a part of experimenting with new ideas here on TIB, we present you our first city guide!

I have been in Charlotte for a couple of months now and I am in love what the queen city has to offer. This city boasts of safe neighbourhoods and an organized and fun downtown nightlife. Not only is it a treat to drive around the beautiful city center blocks, you are also spoiled by the gorgeous weather.

Though I prefer house parties over late night outs, it really depends of the city I am living in. Charlotte is the 4th city I have lived in 2 years after Saint Louis, San Francisco and Denver. Surprisingly enough, Charlotte has a bustling nightlife contrary to what I had heard about this city when I first arrived here. Like anywhere else, you can start off your Friday or Saturday evening with a pre-game at a friend’s place. I think its a great way to spend some leisure time or plan with like minded, fun folk.

If you are just passing through the city and do not have any friends living in the city per-se, you can start off with dinner at the Boardwalk if you are staying in or near University City, the University of Charlotte area. Boardwalk has an assortment of fun restaurants and things to do because of its proximity to the university and is a great place to meet new people and make new friends. I am pretty partial to this area owning to its diversity and fun options.

Take a lyft or uber downtown which is around 10 miles from the University city area. If you are driving your own car or a rental car, make sure you are aware of the places you can park in the downtown area. Most of the parking can be pretty expensive.

After pregame/ dinner at Browadwalk/ downtown, head over to Epicenter for an assortment of clubs and bars. Or stick to the core downtown for fun places like Prohibition or the retro Roxbury. If you intent on club hopping , you can throw in a mix of all of these. I personally prefer Roxbury owning to their multilevel plan, small cover for entry and an open deck. I like prohibition for its younger crowd, deep tones and fun music.

You can stop over at Bar Cocoa for a cup of hot chocolate and macaroons after your night out or head over to Istanbul hookah for a mint flavored hookah and jalapeno poppers if you are sore from dancing. There are street food stalls and food trucks strewn around and you might even drop in for a bite at the halal cart strategically located at a stone’s throw from most popular clubs.

If you intent to spend an evening away from the downtown yet have some fun and smoke with your friends, Al Basha has some incredible hookah and Moroccan tea with mint that might interest you to drive a bit afar.

You probably have a lot more idea about the nightlife and the best places to hand out on Friday and Saturday nights if you have been living here longer. We would love to hear about the same in the comments below. Alternatively, if you are new in the city or are just passing by this might be a helpful guide to your fun night out in Charlotte!