About us

 Welcome to the new TIB lifestyles for enterprise blog!

This space is designed by millennials for millennials who either love to balance a chic lifestyle, a career and a hustle or a business or for the millennials who are on the path of figuring it all out and retiring early!


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Started as a college enterprise, The IDEA Bucket was launched in January 2013 originally with a focus on Globally relevant topics on subjects ranging from Lifestyle, Fitness (Green lifestyle and health), Business and Economics, Personal Finance, Real Estate and Travel.

In spite of the new angle, we remain true to our primary aim and to reach people worldwide and engage them in a more conscious, sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.


We have been featured in several websites all over the world including ones in Canada, Finland and USA. Our maximum views come from USA, followed by India, UK, Canada, Australia. We have visitors from over 90 countries.



Through this blog, we aim to inspire millennials to explore the waters of entrepreneurship and get rewarded for their passions in their twenties and thirties.

For any query or feedback, please email us at ananya.mukherjee2013@gmail.com







  1. Hello gorgeous – thank you for your expressed “Like” – of course you had me immediately – I love Asian Girls – all of them – much to the lesser half’s misplaced anger – but as I keep telling her, “listen you silly woman, I’m getting older now, the older you get the more exercise you need, so just think of it this way; I’m practicing for you!!”

    Of course I always get away with it – I let her have the credit card for an hour or two!

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    1. Hahahahhah! You are so funny! I bet your amazing lady does not have a moment of boredom with you around exercising your wit and your wicked sense of humour!

  2. Thanks for visiting “Commodity Spy!” and liking a post. I hope you will visit again soon! Your website looks very interesting, especially the economics related content. Good luck with your work!

  3. Ananya! I think you are such an amazing young person! I would like to interview you for my podcast over skype all the way here in America if that is possible! I will send you an email with all the information. in the mean time, you can check out my podcast here on my website: http://5minutesawaypodcast.com/

    Mr. Black of the five minutes away podcast

    1. Hi, Mr. Black! I just visited your amazing website and I am thrilled at the opportunity to get featured in your podcast 🙂
      I am connecting with you via LinkedIn and Twitter as well. Thanks a lot!


  4. Hey thanks for visiting my blog http://onetipstudy.wordpress.com/
    I find your blog (and your team) diverse yet interesting. I’m also a science major (Nanotechnology) with an interest in literary arts so I guess I can understand the idea behind. The idea of living a debt-free life and financing your own education is still a dream for me. I hope your blog helps me improve(I’m a spender, full on parental support) and increase my economical & financial understanding!

    1. Great goals. And good to know you are taking steps towards them 🙂

      And I hope our blog will not leave you disappointed. If there’s anything you would want to know or read about, do drop in a line.

      And thanks for the feedback!


  5. Hi Ananya, thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you liked some stuff there.
    You have a nice blog and a fun group with you in your ventures.
    Good luck with your book. 🙂

  6. Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog; it is nice to meet you here. Best wishes for the new year and for success in all your endeavors 🙂

  7. Hi A.M. I just wanted to thank you for taking a look at my blog. I’m glad you liked my post on natural disasters. I hope you’ll be back to find some more interesting stuff. Congratulations on your book. That’s fantastic! Looks like you have a very good team here. I’m impressed 🙂

  8. Wow!! 🙂 You’ve got a team of very gifted (despite being very young) folks here! 😀 Amazing 🙂

    P.S. Congratz on getting your book published!

  9. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog and the like. It sounds like you have achieved a lot at such a young age. Congrats! — Mrs. J

  10. Hey! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today, and for liking one of my posts! I’m just a blog-ateur (blog amateur!) compared to you, just somewhere I leave random thoughts that just might help, encourage, inspire others really (or all or none of the above!!) so it’s much appreciated 🙂 thanks! Ceirion

    1. Its really great that way you come up with quips on almost any subject on earth! I tried creating a couple of witty one-liners…it sure is very difficult. So I’ll just stick around to writing volumes on something that takes my fancy..:)
      Best to you.

  11. Thank you for the likes on the “On Finding Your Element” and ” Haute Couture — 24 Hours a Day, Everyday” posts. I love the fact that you are a scientist enjoying my fashion articles 🙂 Good luck with your work and your Master studies.

    1. Maria, I do love fashion a lot. And I am constantly looking for ways of creating a shopping budget and sticking to it..(do so with moderate success). I’ve also got an idea about integrating some posts regarding fashion on this blog. Well, don’t want to make it appear that scientists don’t love gorgeous clothes and accessories..;)

  12. Thanks for visiting and ‘liking’ our blog post on SKoolAide…we’re looking to shake up the game with regards to educating our youth…and to them truly learn…and not just memorize.

    One of our team is also an author…and they look forward to reading Earthbound. Best of success to you and please keep following our progress as we prepare for our beta launch this summer.

    1. Hey Cyril,

      To draw a traffic from google, you will have to properly SEO your site’s content by adding relevant keywords and tags.

      And for drawing in visitors from the WordPress family, I guess visiting and commenting on blogs might help to some extent.
      I hope it was of some help…

        1. I just visited your new blog. I guess it’s going to take some time before you can draw in a lot of traffic. Meanwhile, you can just keep posting interesting stuff. Happy blogging!

  13. I have sent your blog to my sister, who is a writer as well. I hope she will follow you, she needs to get out of her cocoon! Her work is brilliant but she is not so good at ‘selling it’. I am encouraging her to get it out there.
    Thanks for liking my post.

  14. Hi Ananya, Was just checking out your book on Amazon. It looks really interesting and I hope to purchase it. I don’t have Kindle yet and am not sure how compatability works with my Kobo, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

    1. Thank you so very much 🙂
      I must say, I love farms a lot that is how I was drawn to your beautiful blog. It looks promising and I want to learn about farm life and practices around the world.
      In fact, I wrote about a farming community in Earthbound (and the protagonist leaves her university in the city to volunteer there)..

  15. Thank you for reading my blog post “Schools and Students”. Does your school recycle? I like your blog and so impressed with your talent and your team. Good luck!

  16. thanks for checking out my blog and following me….i love your blog and know you guys will go far…congrats on book…i truly look forward to keeping up with u guys…

  17. Hi,

    Thanks so much for the recent “like” on my blog post about Facebook Fan pages. It lead me to your interesting blog, which I am now following.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.

    Happy blogging!


  18. HI, fascinating about ,its beautiful to see both sides of life scientifically and literally .Hope you will achieve your goals Thank you for visiting my website.Best regards,jalal

  19. A.M. You recently stopped by my blog and “liked” a couple of my recent posts, thank you very much. I wish and your team much success, as authors, as business folks, and as Doctors. Take care, Bill

  20. That you even read, let alone liked my post on Reality proves you are an above-average individual – an intellectual. I’m sure you will achieve your goals in life! Sorry i’m not all that into romantic fiction – but i will visit to see what’s new!

    1. Earthbound is not a romantic fiction, Bob. It’s sort of an alternate take on life..
      But, I had to sprinkle a bit of mystery and romance (very slight) to keep some of my readers happy!

      You can check out my COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES (without romantic elements attached) that’s going to be available soon.

      Frankly, I am not a romantic at heart. I will be more happy to write about the Higgs Boson (being a student of science) than describe a “love at first sight” scene for a novel!

      Have a great weekend Bob 🙂

  21. I have got just one word for you and your team Ms. Ananya… WOW! great Topics which are well written. Spent 30 mins going through your written material.
    PS: thanks for stopping by my blog as well.. I aint that creative.. but i am happy you found something you liked 🙂

  22. Hi Ananya, I love your blog. What a great team you have around you – such bright and lively people. Good luck with your book and your studies and thanks for taking the time to come to my blog. Best wishes!

  23. thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your scroll-down animation – how did you make it? If you could give me any tips or sources, I’d really appreciate it. (Also your blog looks awesome! Your contributors are so well-versed)

  24. Thanks for liking my poem about peaches. I like the fact that you have an interdisciplinary team for your blog. All the best for your writing and studies!

  25. Hi IDEA Bucket, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award. If you’re interested, please let me know. Congratulations! Enjoy your week

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination. But we already have a list of awards queued up, including another Liebster and we are trying to find the time to list them out in the blog.

      Thanks again and have a great week! 🙂

  26. Thanks for liking my post. I hope you enjoyed the site. Have been reading from the taster to Earthbound which I liked a great deal. It certainly is an intriguing little extract and left me wanting more. Job done then! Thinking of following in your footsteps and may try out publishing through Amazon or similar in the New Year. For now I´ve been testing the more conventional routes of publishing. Frustrating. We´ll see.

    1. I am so glad you liked the extract from Earthbound.
      Well, the traditional route supposedly pays off better but Amazon and the likes are always preferable when the established houses (in your country) prefer to publish ‘flash in the pan’ kind of books to stay afloat either due to the dwindling interest in books or due to the recent spurt of e-book sales.
      Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog and good luck with your book. 🙂

  27. Thanks so much for checking out my blog! Yours looks great, now *following* and look forward to further reading. I’m very interested in self/e-publishing one of my books. Do you think you can tell me a little bit about the process you went through with Amazon to get your books on there in electronic version, or a link if you wrote a blog post about the process? I want to e-publish my collection of narrative nonfiction essays, because I just want to get it out there and start developing a readership, and that seems like the cheapest way to do it. Any info you can give me about your personal experiences would be MUCH appreciated!

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

    1. Jan,
      Sorry for this late reply. I was bogged down with work. As for electronic self-publishing, I’d suggest you visit * kdp.amazon.com *. This website is Kindle’s Direct Publishing Platform. It is comprehensive and guides the entire self-publishing process and gets your book out for sale on Amazon. After that, it is up to you to publicize and market your book.(It costs nothing to get your book out there. Amazon makes a certain percentage out of you book sales.) If the word-count of your book is less than 30,000 then you can also participate in the ‘KDP Singles’. If your book is chosen, Amazon does the publicity part for you. I hope this was of some help at least. Good Luck with your venture and thank you for the follow.

  28. I think you have visited my blog. lol Sometimes we or at least me….get mixed up with who is who and from where they came.

    You certainly do have an interesting background and have done so many interesting things in your short life.

    I am just having fun blogging and reading many interest posts.

    Good luck with your writing and scientific career.

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